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We believe that children and young adults should have fun whilst they learn.


Our engaging workshops aim to support learning in line with National Curriculum subjects and focus on 'hidden learning' to allow participants to explore, create and showcase their products.

Pupils should be taught:

  • to use a range of techniques and media

  • to increase their proficiency in the handling of different materials

  • to analyse and evaluate their own work, and that of others, in order to strengthen the visual impact or applications of their work


Pupils should be taught:

  • heating and thermal equilibrium: temperature difference between two objects leading to energy transfer from the hotter to the cooler one, through contact (conduction) or radiation; such transfers tending to reduce the temperature difference

  • conservation of material


Pupils should be taught:

  • are competent in the arts of speaking and listening, making formal presentations and demonstrating to others


Pupils should be taught:


  • design purposeful, functional, appealing products for themselves and other users based on design criteria

  • generate, develop, model and communicate their ideas through talking, drawing, templates, mock-ups and, where appropriate, information and communication technology


  • select from and use a range of tools and equipment to perform practical tasks [for example, cutting, shaping, joining and finishing]

  • select from and use a wide range of materials and components, including construction materials, textiles and ingredients, according to their characteristics


  • explore and evaluate a range of existing products




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